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Information Desk

For the safe travel of congress participants, Information Desk will be operated at both Incheon and Gimhae Int'l Airports during the congress period. Please visit the desk and get the support for your travel to BEXCO (Congress Venue).

At Incheon Int'l Airport

Terminal 1
Terminal 2
Location Operating Hours
Terminal 1 (1F, Desk No. 17)
Terminal 2 (1F, Behind Exit 3 and 4)
08:00 - 22:00 (KST), Oct 2(Sun) - 6(Thu)

At Gimhae(Busan) Int'l Airport

Location Operating Hours
1F, Left Side of Gate 1 08:00 - 22:00 (KST), Oct 2(Sun) - 6(Thu)
  • Route 1 Gimhae(Busan) Int'l Airport › BEXCO
  • Route 2 Incheon Int'l Airport › Seoul Station › Busan Station(KTX) › BEXCO
  • Route 3 Incheon Int'l Airport › Gimpo Domestic Airport › Gimhae(Busan) Domestic Airport -> BEXCO
  • Route 4 Incheon Int'l Airport › Gimhae(Busan) Int’l Airport › BEXCO

Route 4 Incheon Int'l Airport » Gimhae(Busan) Domestic airport » BEXCO

1. Incheon Int’l Airport » Gimhae(Busan) Domestic airport

Transfer to the domestic flight to Gimhae(Busan) Domestic Airport.
Please click here for more information on “How to Transfer” Click

2 Gimhae(Busan)Inti'l Airport » BEXCO

By Taxi

Participants can take a regular (white or silver-gray sedan) taxi or a deluxe (black sedan) taxi to the venue. To take a taxi, please use the taxi stop in front of the passenger terminal of Gimhae Domestic Airport.

Category Duration Fare (KRW)
Regular Taxi 40~50 min KRW 25,000
Deluxe Taxi 40~50 min KRW 45,000

If you take a taxi to go to the Venue ‘BEXCO’, please print and show this message to taxi driver.

  • 안녕하세요. WCES2022 사무국입니다.
  • 벡스코(BEXCO)에서 개최되는 WCES 2022(세계내시경복강경외과 학술대회)를 참석하기 위한 참가자 분이시니
  • 안전하게 벡스코(BEXCO)까지 모셔다 주시길 부탁드리겠습니다. 감사합니다.