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Invited Speakers

  • Special Session 1 The Miami international evidence-based guidelines on minimally invasive pancreas resection Horacio Asbun HBP Miami Cancer Institute USA CV
  • Special Session 2 The clinical implementation of NOTES spin-off devices Kiyokazu Nakajima Surgical endoscopy Osaka University Japan CV
  • Special Session 3 Laparoscopic organ and function preserving surgeries for early gastric cancer Young-Woo Kim UGI - Cancer National Cancer Center Korea CV
  • Special Session 4 Assessment of surgical quality in randomised trials and training progress George Hanna Colorectal Imperial College London UK CV
  • Special Session 5 Update on intramural endoscopic surgery Jeffrey M Marks Surgical endoscopy University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center USA CV
  • Special Session 6 Endoscopic surgery on the fetus: Evidence based and clinical reality Jan Deprest Pediatric University Hospitals KU Leuven Belgium CV
  • Special Session 7 Becoming a robotic surgeon 30 years after medical school – Insights and challenges Daniel M. Herron Bariatric Mount Sinai USA CV
  • Special Session 8 The changing landscape of managing benign thyroid nodules and low risk differentiated thyroid cancer: What the future holds Ralph P Tufano Thyroid Sarasota Memorial Hospital and Johns Hopkins University USA CV
  • Special Session 9 Application of flexible robotic systems in endoscopic surgeries Dong-Soo Kwon Robotics KAIST Korea CV
  • Special Session 10 Investing in the future of laparoscopic surgery: What can a surgeon do? Barry Salky General Mount Sinai USA CV
  • Special Session 11 The real benefit of minimally invasive approach to liver surgery Luca Antonio Aldrighetti HBP San Raffaele Hospital Italy CV
  • Special Session 12 Evolution of surgical science in MIS of gastric cancer Han-Kwang Yang UGI Seoul National University Hospital Korea CV
  • Special Session 13 Evolution of MIS and Evolution of JSES Yoshiharu Sakai Colorectal General Osaka Red Cross Hospital Japan CV
  • Special Session 14 Sharing undesired events from own surgical practice to help others prevent complications of bariatric surgery Piotr Myśliwiec Bariatric Medical University of Bialystok Poland CV
  • Special Session 15 Evolution of ventral hernia repair: Our experience Alfred Allen E. Buenafe Hernia Philippine Center for Advance Surgery Philippines CV
  • Special Session 16 Endoscopic breast surgery as one of small incision surgery - 26 year history Eisuke Fukuma Breast Kameda Medical Center Japan CV
  • Special Session 17 Laparoscopy in Trauma Kenji Inaba Acute care surgery and Trauma LAC+USC Medical Center USA CV
  • Special Session 18 The role of minimally invasive surgery in the era of multi-modal treatment for esophageal cancer Yuko Kitagawa Thoracic Surgery Keio University Hospital Japan CV