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Presentation Guidelines

Guidelines for Oral/Video Presentation

Presentation Type

  • *Oral/Video presentations consist of 3 types the chart below
  • - Plenary Oral, Oral Presentation, Video Presentation
  • *You can find your assigned Oral/Video session schedule and topic below
Program at a Glance
Date Time (KST) Room Session Topic
Oct.6 (Thu) 09:40-11:00 R 10 Oral 1 Colorectal
11:20-12:40 R 09 Oral 2 Acute Care Surgery and Trauma, Thoracic
R 10 Oral 3 HBP (BP) (1)
16:10-17:30 R 10 Oral 4 Obstetrics and Gynecology, Urology
Oct.7 (Fri) 09:00-10:20 R 10 Oral 5 Pediatric, Hernia, Vascular
11:20-12:40 R 10 Plenary Oral Plenary Oral
16:10-17:30 R 10 Oral 6 Endocrine, Breast
Oct. 8(Sat) 09:00-10:20 R 09 Oral 7 Upper GI, Bariatric, Small bowel (1)
10:40-12:00 R 10 Video 1 Video 1 (All)
R 02 Oral 8 HBP (BP) (2)
R 03 Oral 9 HBP (Liver)
R 09 Oral 10 Upper GI, Bariatric, Small bowel (2)
R 10 Video 2 Video 2 (HBP)
Type Plenary Oral Oral Presentation Video Presentation
Language English English English
Time Presentation 8 min. Presentation 8 min. Presentation 8 min.
Q & A 2 min. Q & A 2 min. Q & A 2 min.
Total 10 min. Total 10 min. Total 10 min.

(For domestic) *국내 참가자들은 현장 참석을 원칙으로 함을 알려드립니다.

1. Make your presentation using PowerPoint Slides

  • ·Set the slide size to a widescreen - 16:9 aspect ratio (landscape/horizontal)
  • ·Use the provided template for your presentation. Download Template
  • ·Please note that all oral presentations must include a COI slide in the 2nd slide.

2. Submitting the Presentation File

  • ·Please visit the Preview Room at least 2 hours before your scheduled presentation and bring your presentation files on a USB memory stick.
  • ·Presenters are requested to check their presentation files to ensure they work correctly in our system.

3. Equipment in the Session Room

  • ·Session rooms will be equipped with a computer running Windows (not Mac), projector and microphone.
  • ·Podiums will be equipped with a monitor, mouse and smart pointer (No keyboard).
  • ·We DO NOT recommend using your own laptop computer for your presentation to avoid problems with computer-projector compatibility.

4. Before your Presentation

  • ·Please be sure to keep to the allocated presentation time in consideration of the next speaker.
  • ·Arrive at your session room at least 10 minutes before the session begins.
  • ·You will be responsible for controlling/advancing your presentation slides.

How to Submit your Video Presentation

Language English
Format Mp4 format only
Length 8 min.

Submission for Video presentation

Submission Open Date Sep 2(Fri)
File Name Abstract No. (ex. ABST-0000)
Submission Go to upload
Deadline for Submission Sep 15(Thu)
  • *The two best video presentations from each session will be reviewed and selected for the Best Video Award. (Prior review before the congress)
  • *Please submit the video file by the deadline.* Please submit the video file within the deadline.
For inquiries: WCES 2022 Secretariat
If you have any difficulties with submitting your file, please contact the Secretariat.